OUT HERE is a project started by Daniel and David Peña along the US/Mexico border in Tijuana, MX. The mission is to create collaborative opportunities for local and international artists by hosting art events including group exhibitions, murals and workshops. Bellow is an archive of documented projects. outhere.mx Message us for proposals: outheremx@gmail.com
OUT HERE es un proyecto iniciado por Daniel y David Peña en la frontera México / EE. UU. en Tijuana, MX. La misión es crear oportunidades de colaboración para artistas locales e internacionales para la realización de eventos de arte que incluyen exposiciones colectivas, murales y talleres. Abajo hay un archivo de proyectos pasados.

Out Here Group Art Show

Our first exhibition, Out Here, was a group show bringing together Tijuana and San Diego based artists in February 2015. We also reintroduced an art space walking distance from the borderline in Tijuana, MX.


Dimensiones was an exhibition featuring the work of Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson with live performances by Celeste Byers and Dani Shivers. In anticipation of the opening, Celeste and Aaron created a mural as part of the exhibition. 

PANCA & David Peña Collaboration Mural

Documentation of the mural made in Colonia Federal. A collaboration with Paola Villaseñor (Panca) and David Peña (Half Asleep). We were able to connect with our community simply by being outside and painting. August 2015

Photos by Mariel Miranda and Daniel Peña. 

Cross City Art Show

The 3rd annual Cross City Art Show is an event that brings together artists from San Diego and Tijuana in an effort to promote unity and collaboration. Hosted by Con Design House, Unicorn Horn Collective and Out Here at La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego.


AUDOxVZLS was a 3D psychedelic installation featuring the work of Ian De Cerbo Including peformances by Angels Dust, SKRAPEZ and PL DVNA. Hosted at La Caja Fuerte in Pasaje Rodriguez. Photos by Emilyo Arias / La Costa Brava.

Mali Mowcka Unión Mural

Tijuana International Border / November 2016

Espejos - Toni Larios

Born and raised in Tijuana, Toni Larios has developed a perspective that reflects the city's chaos. Within his attention to detail, use of line weights, characters, and gender play, one can see Larios' view of Tijuana including his meditative interest in exploring sobre ruedas, and walking through the streets of Centro. Beyond the seemingly erratic front, lies an undebatable mystery, an obscurity almost polar, yet perfectly complimentary that floats within the white spaces of both his work and imagination. Larios is Tijuana, bold, raw, and always transforming.